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X-Rays And Ultrasound Specialist

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X-rays and ultrasounds give your doctor vital insights into your health and well-being. At Comprehensive Medical Group of Kern Inc in Delano, California, Radhey Bansal, MD, and the team of other practitioners offer X-rays and ultrasounds for their adult patients. The practice is proud to have onsite imaging tests for your convenience. To schedule an appointment today, call the practice or book online now.

X-Rays and Ultrasound

What are X-rays and ultrasounds?

X-rays and ultrasounds are imaging tests that allow your doctor to view your internal structures, including your bones, tissues, and organs. X-rays and ultrasounds serve different functions.


An X-ray uses electromagnetic waves to view the inside of specific body parts. A very small amount of radiation that is delivered into your body is absorbed by your internal structures. This creates a clear image of these structures on an outside monitor.

X-rays are especially efficient at showing musculoskeletal structures and dense tissue, like bones and joints. 


Unlike X-rays, ultrasounds utilize sound waves to produce real-time images of your internal structures. They’re especially useful when viewing your organs and soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Ultrasounds are also common tools to monitor a developing fetus during pregnancy.

When would I need X-rays and ultrasounds?

In most instances, your doctor orders an X-ray to view dense tissues, such as your bones, teeth, jaws, chest, ears, nose, throat, and digestive tract. Meanwhile, ultrasounds target soft tissues and structures in motion, such as your organs, blood vessels, and developing fetuses.

If you have symptoms of disease or damage, your doctor at Comprehensive Medical Group of Kern Inc may recommend both an X-ray and ultrasound for a full view of your internal structures.

What happens after my X-ray or ultrasound?

Since Comprehensive Medical Group of Kern Inc has a state-of-the-art facility with in-house imaging tests, you never have to leave the center for your X-ray or ultrasound. After your tests, your doctor reviews your images to detect any changes in your health. Most patients receive their results in 1-2 days unless it’s an emergency.

Your doctor may call you to deliver your results or ask you to visit the practice to determine your next course of action. If your results require further investigation, your doctor may order additional testing, such as bloodwork, urinalysis, or other imaging tests.

Are X-rays and ultrasounds safe?

Ultrasounds don’t use any radiation to view your internal structures, making it a primary reason they’re used during pregnancy. However, ultrasounds can slightly heat your internal tissues, so it’s important to visit an experienced practitioner when you need an imaging test.

X-rays do use small amounts of ionizing radiation when viewing your internal structures, so your doctor may use them sparingly. However, the risk of potential complications, such as cancer, is very low.

To learn more about X-rays and ultrasounds, call Comprehensive Medical Group of Kern Inc or schedule an appointment online now.